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China Import & Export Network (CIE) is a non-profit quasi-official organ . Supported by China Tianjin Municipal Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Committee, CCPIT , CIE has established long-standing business contacts with more than 180 overseas chambers of commerce and industry, foreign trade associations and multinational companies. CIE is an important bridge and link between China and foreign economic and trade circles.

In the present world, economy is developing at flying speed and the business exchanges between countries are getting more and more frequent. How to communicate and exchange authentic information between Sellers and Buyers through Internet has become a link of vital importance in international trade.

Facts have shown that our website is an important venue for foreign purchasers and suppliers to understand the Chinese market, get acquainted with Chinese exporting and importing enterprises and unfold trade exchanges.

The original intention of CIE is to make use of the far-flung trade connections around the globe, thus providing overall, fast and authoritative international trade information services, Raising trade efficiency , Lowering business cost , Connecting Chinese enterprises especially the Small & medium-sized to the global trade information Highway, Expanding the participation of International trade for Chinese enterprises.

Ever since it was built, It provides about 5,000 pieces of electronic trade information in terms of e-mail for its member enterprises. These member enterprises can take advantages of these information developing business channels and timely mastering market tendencies of international trade. At the same time, they can announce or publish their products information and backgrounds through CIE to CIE's allies .

it is an important channel for Chinese enterprises to show their products, technique, service and requirement , on the other hand for foreign business people to gather information on Chinese export and import commodities, technique and service. It is an online business centre for commodities trading between China and the rest of the world, an online service centre and an online information-exchanging centre.

Besides providing global visibility,we are strongly characterized in helping business between China and overseas ,as well as combining traditional way of doing business with online marketing together.We also have numerous resources with different expertise including Chambers of Commerce ,Banks,Customs offices , Commodities Inspection Bureau,CCPIT,Local Government , Forwardering companies ,Manufactures, Distributers, Business Law offices, Marketing institutes, travelling agents, interpreters(English ,French, German,russian,Japanese etc.) and so on around our services,all together we make CIE a real professional trade facillitation service to our clients.

Well make every effort to meet your need, expect you joining us for the bright future of electronic commerce.

China Import & Export Network team

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E-mail: info@imp-exp.cn

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